Joe's philosophy is simple;

"We are all brothers and sisters, like seeds of a wheat plant, like the children of the parent seed in the earth. If we all realise this, and change so we love each other like sisters and brothers, then the world can be peaceful."

Joe's real name is Joussef Bazouni and comes from Lebanon. He has lived in Australia now for over 20 years and has been the owner and operator of Joe's Organic Market in Northcote for almost as long as that. Joe lost one of his arms in Lebanon before moving to Australia with his family. 

Joe recently received some terribly sad news, his son Billy (pictured holding the bag of oranges) died last week at the young age of 21. Now more than ever Joe needs us to show him the kind of love and compassion he has showed all of us. 

Joe is a breathe of fresh air, yes he loves to talk and show you Youtube video's of the benefits of eating the leaves from a pineapple or how to use the prickly pear cactus in a smoothie, sometimes this can take up to 30 minutes, sometimes an hour. His personable and generous nature is what we all love about him. 

Joe is Joe, he lives and breathes Organics and a vegan lifestyle, he is the only 100% vegan organic grocery shop in Victoria. He wishes no harm toward anyone, he only spreads love, joy, kindness and generosity to anyone he meets.

Joe's Organic Market is open 7 days a week all year round and Joe will accommodate you which ever way he possibly can, he is competing with the biggest organic stores in Melbourne at present that see's lines coming out of their doors every minute of every day. Why not support Joe at least once a week, be greeted with kindness, generosity and a leave with a smile and a new found knowledge on how to better improve your health. It would make a world of difference for him and his family. 

Joe is love and peace, that is all he wants for this world. 

After all, we are brothers and sisters and we should all love one another. 


Joe's Organic Market

64 Victoria Road,
Northcote 3070, Victoria, Australia
Phone: 03 9077 2746


Marni Robinson