When I say “privileged” I don’t mean in the traditional sense whereby you might think I mean we grew up wealthy with a big house and lots of money. Quiet the opposite really, I grew up in a two and half bedroom house with 9 people under the one roof. Seems crazy when I think about this now, but back then it was bunk beds and sleep overs each night! We all loved it.

When I say privileged what I really mean by this is growing up on the Mornington Peninsula is a privilege, growing up on organics was an even bigger privilege. Although at the time I recall my friends would come to school with a cheese and vegemite sandwich made from soft white bread, a roll up, a packet of chips and a juice box, or better yet, money in a brown paper bag for a lunch order - I remember being so envious of them, whilst I sat there nibbling on my wholemeal sandwich with fresh grated carrot, beetroot, tomato and avocado. Now I cringe at the thought of children going to school with a lunch box full of all of these processed foods full of sugar, yet the problem has only progressed and is getting bigger each and every day.

We are all aware of it now, there is now no longer the excuse of “oh but we didn’t know”. Of course some are more educated than others, I am not saying that. What I am saying is we all need to want to educate ourselves on the matter – what should we be eating and what should we be steering clear of?

As parents today we need to educate our children of the foods they’re putting into their bodies, we cannot expect the school system will do this for us. They will cover the area on a very basic level – meat and three veg for dinner and two pieces of fruit each day. Make sure you drink your milk; you need it for calcium etc. But as we are all well aware nowadays this is not all that needs to be taught.

The internet is crawling with information and everyone is telling a different story left, right and centre, is it any wonder why so many people seem so confused? Now, I am not a trained Nutritionist, nor do I claim to be. However, a good rule of thumb for me and something that I live by is to live off the earth, the earth will provide us with all that we need to live a healthy and happy life. 

Marni Robinson